Technology & Literacy

Here is an smattering of literacy tools that we will review with you. The session is only an hour long, so we will be moving pretty fast. Follow along with the links below, or sit back, take notes, and check out the links later – your choice. Let us know what resonated with you so that we can delve deeper into that part in a future session! Enjoy….

The Buffet:


Dine and Discuss – Darcy’s Links from SAD 58

Maine Open Educational Resources (OER) Resources for ELA

Seed Resources – Curriculum Resources developed by Maine Teachers

MLTI Minute  – 131 One Minute Videos

Before the Lesson:

Thinkfinity – Online Database of Lessons

Diigo – Collect and Organize Information from Websites – More than a bookmarking tool!!

The Literacy Web – Websites for Students Grade 9 – 12

Alexa – Analyze any website

Evaluate Websites – Kathy Schrock’s List of Resources for Website Evaluation

Five Criteria for Evaluating Websites

During the Lesson:

One Period or Less Literacy Activities:

Literacy Tools:

Wordle: Steve Jobs Commencement Address

After the Lesson:

Publishing Student Work:

Let us know what you would like for a main course!


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