Technology & Math/Science

Here is a smattering of math/science tools that we will review with you. The session is only an hour long, so we will be moving pretty fast. Follow along with the links below, or sit back, take notes, and check out the links later – your choice. Let us know what resonated with you so that we can delve deeper into that part in a future session! Enjoy….

The Buffet:

Before the Lesson:

Delicious – Online Social Bookmarking Site (Try searching on this site!!)

Discovery Education – Online Database of Lesson Plans & Teacher Resources for grades 9-12

Illuminations Lesson Plans – Math

Science Net Links  – Click the “Filter Your Search” button below the search box.

During the Lesson:

Math Tools:

Science Tools:

Math, Physics and Engineering Java Applets

After the Lesson:

Follow up Video Lessons:

  • Hippocampus – Online curriculum for Math and Science – Set up your classes

Comment on this post to let us know what you would like for a main course!


2 thoughts on “Technology & Math/Science

  1. Kathryn says:

    Thanks Martha, this was really useful! I love your style. I will definitely check out these links. Check out zotero. I find it really useful for keeping pages I want to look at later rather than having 50 tabs open. ALso, you can use the saved page (links don’t work) without internet access. Kathryn

  2. Zotero sounds like it might also be a back up plan – depending on the site. I’ll make sure to check it out! Thanks for coming out on just before a three day weekend! Also, a great idea for a link of the day email…

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