Meeting the Standards with Technology

Have you seen the current model for tech integration for Mt. Blue RSD? How can we manage these and get our students to meet our curriculum standards too? The answer is in the question. We want the best of both worlds – and that’s the idea behind technology integration. Here are some sites to get you started with meeting the common core using technology –

Gail Holmes matches online tools with CCSS standards in this wiki. Each subject area and grade level are represented in this resourceful web site.

A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills – 48 page PDF, with great examples of lessons that meet both sets of standards.

Woodstock Schools K-5 Framework for Integrating Technology. Activities and Links matched to CCSS – includes list of equipment needed and different levels of integration example lessons.

50 Ways to use a Document Camera in your classroom! Learn about the Point 2 View Document Camera here.

What is a Bamboo Slate and why would I want one? Read this blog post to find the answer.


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