Infographics are very popular in media today; they show information in a unique, interesting, informative way. There are many sites that allow you to create infographics, like, and some have a database of infographics, like Daily Infographic. THIS IS NOT a site to send students to! But there are some really interesting infographics there for you to look at and choose to use with your students.

Here is one example of an infographic:

The World as 100 People

How could you use this in your classroom? What other types of infographics would you like to see?


Online Lessons and Projects

Busy as a bee? Busy as a beaver? How about busy as a teacher? Meeting the demands that are placed on today’s classroom teacher are nearly impossible given there are only 24 hours in each day. Teachers need lessons that align to standards, meet the needs of diverse learners, and fit in with the culture of the classroom and school. There are several databases of lessons that allow teachers to search based on multiple factors including content, type of activity, and length of lesson. Let’s look at the interface for four of these sites.

1. Thinkfinity

  • Keyword SearchThinkfinity Keyword Search
  • Standard SearchThinkfinity Standards Interface

2. Zooniverse – Real Science Online

  • Choose a Science Topic to see projects.

zooniverse screen capture

3. Discovery Education Lesson Plan Library

  • Browse the library in different ways.
    Discovery Lesson Plan Library

4. McRel Lesson Plans

  • Choose Subject AreaMcRel 1
  • Choose Lesson Plan LibraryMcRel 2
  • Browse Lessons (Labeled by Grade level) McRel 3

5. PhET – Free Physics, Chemistry and Math Applets

6. eThemes – My first choice for finding online resources!! These resources are age appropriate, the content has been checked for accuracy, and the pages have been checked three links deep. You can also request to have an eTheme created for your specific topic.

Communication and Collaboration

Here is a smattering of communication/collaboration tools that we will review with you. The session is only an hour long, so we will be moving pretty fast. Follow along with the links below, or sit back, take notes, and check out the links later – your choice. Comment below to let us know what resonated with you so that we can delve deeper into that part in a future session! Enjoy….

Wall Wisher

wall wisher

Team Box


Video Tutorials

Mainely Integration Team Box


Twiddle this page!

VRoom/BlackBoard Collaborate

Intro Video

Recorded Demos

Learn Central (Register for a free VRoom)

Voice Thread

voice thread

Sample Voice Thread

Ideas for Using Voice Thread



Learn About Prezi

Sample MATH Prezi



Sample History Glog

Glogster EDU Pricing Chart