School Day Gratitudes

I have a friend that has beaten cancer. Let’s just pause and rejoice about that – since we are all touched by the “c word” sometime in our lives. Each day, during treatment and since, she has posted to Facebook about the things in life for which she is grateful. Her goal was three items each day, but she almost always comes up with more. This lady is an amazingly positive influence in my life, and I’d like to try and emulate her gracious and life-affirming way of looking at challenges. So, I am posting to Facebook – yes, Facebook – each school day with one gratitude. Yes, I said one. As my friend is an author and has a way with words, I cannot hope to live up to her example in quantity…and probably not in quality…although I hope someone enjoys it.

I will not be copying all of the posts here, but I thought I might post the first few.

School Day #1 Gratitude:

Back at it. I am so grateful for the ability to be involved in education. This is year 33, and I still love my job. So each morning before I go to work I will post 1 thing I am grateful for. Thanks for your wonderful example, Sue Thibodeau Baumgardner

School year day 1 gratitude: I woke up on time. This is something I have nightmares about…seriously!

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School Day #3 Gratitude 

What, I missed Day #2? Ok, well here are two:
1. My husband brought me flowers for the first day of school. Sunflowers “symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity,” according to 25 years of marriage and 32 years in education – good choice, honey! I adore you.
2. I found a great resource for helping kids revisit study skills. This internet scavenger hunt has three different levels and is a good introductory activity to discuss some digital citizenship and classroom management techniques as an aside to the study skills. You know, two birds, one stone….

So, having said that, I WILL post to FB every school day, and I will try and post to this blog every week during the school year.
Have a wonderful year, everyone!!

Google Classroom

Will it live up to the hype? I have several teachers that are very excited about working with the new Google Classroom and they are going to share their experiences. Why should you use it? Found this interesting infograhic about some of the features of Google Classroom.

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How are you using Google Classroom?