Using Time to Save Time: How much is too much?

My name is Martha, and I am an on-again off-again follower of ed tech gurus through online forums and social media.

I wish I could tell you that once I find a forum I like, I follow it religiously, but that would be a bit of an exaggeration. You see, I know forums, blogs, and twitter feeds are good resources, but who has the time to stay up-to-date?  While the authors are writing all these great time saving tips, I am consuming time and being consumed by ideas as I try and stay current on my feeds.

So, I decided I had to let the thousands of unread tweets and posts that are filling my twitter feed and forum tab die an unread death.

I’m starting from a clean slate and moving forward…but with a slightly smaller scope.

Here are my 5 must follows:

The Gooru for all things Googly (This one I follow through email.)

MakeUseOf for a wide range of techie things (This one I follow through email and facebook.)

Cult of Mac for all things Apply (This one I follow on facebook.)

Wicked Decent Learning or @WickedDecent for some wicked cool ideas on teaching and learning (This one I follow on twitter.)

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher for a tech integration in education (This one I follow on twitter.)

Who are your must follows? Do you follow them through an email forum, tweet deck, facebook, or some other reader or social media? Leave your ideas and suggestions for PD through online sources.


Blogs vs. Websites

Why is this an important question? The question for teachers is no longer should I have a web presence, but what type of web presence should I have. A blog is a website, but it’s a special kind. Blogs are more dynamic versus a static web site, they are updated often and allow for comments from readers. Information on the blog is arranged in a chronological order – with the latest entry at the beginning of the page. Most blog entries are tagged so that they are easily searchable.

Blogs and websites can have links, images, and multimedia files embedded, in this way they are similar. They can also both be “followed” via an RSS feed. I have compiled a few articles for you to peruse about blogs and websites. Funny enough, some of them are blogs and some are websites.

5 Major Differences Between a Blog and a Website

Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

Websites, Wikis, and Blogs in the Classroom

33 Ways to Use Blogs in your Classroom

Check out the following video on creating a blog with blogger in less than 5 minutes!